Ultrasound Workshop  - Progress POCUS and SLICE 

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Facilitated by experienced staff from across Aotearoa and Australia 

This workshop is a full day, the cost of registration covers both part 1 and part 2 for a full day learning experience.

Watch the video below for more information:

Ultrasound workshop – Part 1

“Progress POCUS” is aimed at completion of the ACEM ultrasound credentialing process for FACEMs, fellows and trainees. Experts in ultrasound will be present to proctor your scans as well as carry out formative and summative assessments for eFAST, AAA, Lung and Focused Echo In Life Support (FLES). Proctored scans can be entered into your logbook (for hospital credentialing or for CCPU purposes) where up to 50% of logbook cases can be “non-clinically” indicated

Ultrasound workshop – Part 2

SLICE protocol (aka the “quick and easy” RUSH protocol). This ultrasound session will workshop a stepwise approach to using POCUS in the assessment of the shocked or SOB patient. There will then be practice with real-time feedback to make the most of this essential skill, as well as the opportunity for summative assessment and competency assessment for those that wish to do so.

Te Reo Māori Workshop

(Limited places available)

Facilitated by Bernie Edwards, Te Reo Māori tutor at WITT Te Pūkenga 

This workshop is an afternoon workshop, it clashes with the Ultrasound Workshop.

This workshop is for speakers beginning their journey with Te Reo Māori. To create a supportive, welcoming, and equitable medical environment, correct pronunciation and use of Te Reo Māori is paramount. The Māori language and culture are inseparable. Māori patients frequently experience anxiety accessing a medical system that, historically, has not served them well. A simple and quick way to start breaking down barriers and to put people at ease is with a greeting in Te Reo Māori. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your Māori vocabulary, helping you to provide culturally safe patient care.

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